This time the little puppy became a victim of human cruelty, but his life did not end like that

How people can be so cruel to animals!

Here’s a touching story about a brave pup named Daisy, who had a lot of difficulties at life, but managed to overcome them and remained strong.

Once, in Orange County, Florida, some people noticed that a dog wrapped in a bag was thrown from a moving car. Fortunately, they saw it and managed to help the poor puppy at once.

After taking the cute animal, they immediately posted the story on social media, showing the whole world how cruel people could be.

The rescuers handed the dog to an animal shelter, where he passed through some medical examination, and luckily, everything about his health was great.

The staff was shocked to see that the poor creature became a victim of human cruelty. How can people do such inhuman things? Why do they treat animals in this way?

Although the whole shelter staff was angry about the case, they were grateful to the witnesses for their big support.

Daisy continues to stay at the shelter until he will be adopted by a loving family, who will make him the happiest in the world, because he really deserves it.

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