They thought the strange noise coming from the trash can was a toy, but they were wrong

What a heartless act towards the animal!

When two workers were doing their usual work, they heard a strange voice coming from the trash can. They immediately approached it to see what it was.

They thought that it was a toy, however they continued to search for it in order to be sure that everything was ok.

Finally they took a box out of the can and found a little kitten in it in a miserable condition.

They managed to take the little creature out of the box without harming him. They removed the dirt from his eyes and covered him with a warm jacket.

The next step was searching for other creatures, but luckily they didn’t find any.

The poor kitten needed quick assistance because he was frozen and had some health problems. They took the baby home and provided him with everything he needed.

The kitten will stay under their care until he will be strong and healthy enough to be adopted. He needs a loving and caring family who will change his life making it safe and happy.

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