The tiny catty with a round face and constant yawning is an Internet sensation

His facial features cause misunderstanding among people

Cats can have bodies in different shapes and sizes, which can be both amazing and cute. Due to their uniqueness, they become famous not only in real life but also on social media.

Here we present to you such a cute and adorable catty, who is an Internet sensation due to his round face and fluffy body.

Two years old Zhuu attracts thousands of people with his cuteness. His facial features make people think that he yawns all the time.

The beauty is truly adorable and despite his perpetually disgruntled look, he is very funny and playful.

Zhuu in not the only pet of the family. He shares a lot of enjoyable moments with his sibling Boco, the family’s another cat. They are inseparable and enjoy to do everything together.

Their owner takes interesting photos of them and shares them on social media. A large number of people are attracted by them and enjoy watching their crazy photos each day.

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