The smart dog acted like a gentleman in a restaurant with his owner

A sweet dog with perfect table manners and behaviour 

It’s always an adorable sight to see people interact with their animals. An owner and his dog became popular by sharing the most adorable moments.

The sweet due went to the restaurant in New York and it was captured on a video. A woman, who was having dinner in the same restaurant saw the adorable sight and captured it: a kind owner and his well behaved dog were on a date.

She was amazed by the sight and considered to capture it on the video. And when she shared the short video on her TikTok people immediately fell in love with it. This dog was sitting against his owner on a chair like a real gentleman.

The man was drinking wine while his friend was drinking water. But the most amazing thing was the dog’s perfect manners and behaviour. The woman told, that it was amazing how well behaved the dog was. And it is clear, that this dog has better table manners than many people.

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