The shelter staff posted the dog’s story in order to find a loving family

Finally the abandoned puppy’s story had a happy ending

Some dogs have to wait for a long time in the shelter to be finally adopted. It would be very difficult for them to see other animals returning to their homes after being passed repeatedly. So imagine you are the last animal in the shelter.

This happened to a dog, who was leftover and almost given up, but in the end he finally found his own happy ending. Many years passed while Butter waited at the shelter. Once he had been adopted, but his family returned him after a year.

And after that Butter’s luck didn’t improve. Many people passed him on the street and those who had shown interest never came. Butter had no admirers.

But the shelter carried on searching a loving home for him. They shared Butter’s story on Facebook in order to attract people.

And happily many people saw the post. And when they met at the shelter and befriended immediately, it became obvious, that Butter was ready to get home.

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