The shelter puppy became overjoyed when he was presented his beloved toy

A sweet photoshoot with a toy assisted the dog to be adopted

In spring the staff of the American North Carolina shop complained to animal services, that a stray dog frequently enters their shop. He tried to enter illegally into the store a few times and wanted to steal a purple unicorn.

She originally bought this toy for the dog before the officer came to transport the puppy to the shelter. She told, that the most difficult thing in her work ever was this one.

The post about this situation soon became popular on the shelter’s Facebook page.

It demonstrated the dog’s happiness for being presented with his beloved ivy toy and he didn’t part with it even for a moment. The puppy is named Silu. He is now a year old and the shelter workers informed, that he is very friendly and calm.

Almost 10000 people liked and shared the puppy’s post. And the following day there were a lot of people waiting to adopt him after the images with his beloved unicorn. And after all they chose a woman and the puppy received a new home.

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