The puppy’s indescribably attractive facial markings always keep him in the centre of attention

The uniqueness of his face is what made the woman fall in love with him

Logan, who is half German Shepherd and half Australian Shepherd, is a sweet puppy with an amazing appearance due to which he always remains in the centre of attention.

His face is divided into two colours, brown and black, which makes him so attractive.

Monica Gale, his actual owner, was captured by his unique beauty, when she first saw him. It was love at first sight and the woman made a quick decision to take the pup home and make him her best friend.

Although the woman intended to adopt an Australian Shepherd, she could not remain indifferent to such a miracle, so adopting him was the best decision ever.

His father is a German Shepherd and the mother is an Australian Shepherd. Logan is the mix of this adorable couple.

Logan has five siblings, but they all are so different from each other. However, all the puppies are really adorable.

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