The owner couldn’t understand why his dog stared at the wall all night until he decided to break the wall

The man discovered why his dog spent hours staring at the wall

When George Miller adopted a dog from a shelter in order not to feel lonely, he was happy to see that the canine adapted to his new environment easily. Although everything seemed normal with the dog, one day the owner discovered something amazing.

He noticed that the dog was starring at the wall without any movement and it repeated frequently. He decided to put a camera in order to check what happened with him.

The dog behaved himself quite well, so the man was surprised to see that he didn’t sleep all night and looked at the wall. He was sure that there’s something strange in it.

Crosby, the dog, was so energetic and playful, but for three days he behaved strangely. Although the man wanted to return the dog to the shelter, he decided to break the wall to discover what happened.

When the owner approached to it, he heard a strange voice. Now he was more sure that his pet’s behavior was not unreasonable.

George broke the wall and found a little kitten there. He immediately took him out. But how the tiny creature had appeared there remained unknown.

However, the kind man decided to change the kitten’s life and adopted him. Now they all are inseparable and live happily.

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