The once stray cat now receives invitations to participate in various shows for her amazing appearance

She is a real miracle!

If you have never seen a cat with eyebrows, meet Browie, a sweet catty, who is famous throughout the world for her wonderful appearance. The cutie lives with her human mother Amelia and even shared the bedroom with her.

Browie was saved by Amelia from the street. She used to wander on the streets and begged for food and a safe place. When Amelia found her, she was so frightened and depressed. The poor animal refused to socialise with others.

Amelia was sure that she couldn’t survive outside, so she took her in and provided her with everything she needed. At first the woman took her to a vet to be sure that everything was ok with her. Luckily, Browie didn’t have any health problem.

Now the beauty is everyone’s favourite on social media for the black hair patterns surrounding her eyes, which seem to be real eyebrows.

Browie is very active and playful. She enjoys to spend much time with her owner, filling her day with joy and happiness.

Now she is so famous, that even gets invitations to take part in many shows.

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