The little puppy received the best gift ever which changed his life, giving him a chance to live happily

It is an amazing work of art!

Meet Toby, a brave puppy, who passed through many difficulties since his birth because of a lot of serious health problems. Despite this, he fought for his life and received what he dreamed of.

Weighing only 1.5 pounds, the puppy was the smallest of the litter and everything was so challenging for him. His owners tried to make his life better and took him to a vet, but seeing that nothing helped him, they decided to put him to death.

The poor animal suffered a lot and it would be better for him not to live instead of having a difficult life.

Luckily, something amazing happened with him, when one of the neighbours offered
the owners his assistance. The man had a great idea, which made the canine’s life better and easier.

The dog got a wonderful wheelchair which helped him have a happy life. It was the best present ever, which changed his life making it better and easier.

It is a wonderful work of art!

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