The fluffy cat was lost for a long time, but one day he appeared on social networks and was reunited with his owner

Such a sudden separation and surprising reunion!

Everything happened 14 years ago, when the owner of this sweet cat had to leave him at home and moved to another city to get some medical treatment. The catty stayed under the care of a woman, who came to see him every day.

The poor feline missed his beloved owner a lot and one day he left the house and didn’t come back. The animal had to wander on the streets to search for food and a safe place. Once he came across a garage, where some people put cat food each day.

The catty was happy to get his daily food from strangers, but one day he was spotted by the owners and was taken to a shelter. There the whole staff was amazed by his size.

They decided to post his photo on social media in hope of finding his owners. And the response was not late. The cat’s owner, who was already at home, saw his photo and rushed to the shelter.

Luckily, they were reunited again and continued to have a happy life together.

Now they often visit the shelter and bring many toys for its animals.

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