The evident proof, that animals never forget the kindness shown to them

A lonely newborn elephant was rescued by a man and he never forgot the man’s kind action

An elephant named Sulli was discovered wandering alone in Africa almost 20 years ago. She was still a newborn and was all alone. And animal rights activists helped in her rescue from a wildlife park.

She met the reserve’s owner and chief caretaker named Adam.

The executive director of the reserve named Robert told, that he organises the elephant’s daily care, making sure they are constantly happy and heathy.

Sulli was released from the reserve and went to live in the wild with the permission os her guardians. Despite her newfound independence the elephant remembered his saviour Adam, who raised her.

Sulli has been living almost ten years in the wild and according to Robert she never seems to forget the kindness shown to her. And this became evident when Sulli brought her young out of the woods to meet Adam.

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