The dog’s former owners decided to get rid of him and forced the neighbors not to touch him

All difficulties remained in the past!

The previous owners of this adorable dog threw him away when they didn’t want to keep him anymore. They tied him to an old vehicle and lied to the neighbors, saying that he was sick and that if they touched him, they would get infected.

This poor animal stayed there for ten days without any food and support. But his life changed at once, when a kind man spotted him and decided to help.

Because the shelters were full of animals, the man decided to take him home until he would be adopted by a loving family.

But it wasn’t enough, because the canine had a lot of health problems and the first one was his broken paw.

So the second step was taking him to a vet. After all the appropriate treatment and several surgeries, the cutie began to feel better and healthier.

The brave boy is now completely healthy and enjoys his life in his new family. He is adopted by loving people and is quite happy and satisfied.

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