The dog is never bored in his mother’s garden as he is surrounded by many butterflies

He is a wonderful friend for every butterfly

Mina is a very helpful pet, who never leaves his mother alone, especially when she works in their garden. It’s his favourite place, because he spends his time interestingly there.

Because there are many flowers and plants in the garden, a large number of butterflies have a great time there, too. They all enjoy to befriend with Mina as he is very kind and sociable and allows them to sit on his nose and stay there as much as they want.

The mother enjoys the scene of her beloved dog having a great time with such little creatures. She takes many amazing pictures of them, which are posted on social media and entertain the whole world.

Now the garden is a real heaven for both the dog and the butterflies who spend many unforgettable moments. It’s a place where they meet and have a great time together.

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