The biggest leatherback turtle got out of the water to sun itself on the sand

An incredible scene, which demonstrates the richness of our planet

Just imagine such an amazing scene: an enormous leatherback turtle went out of the ocean to relax on the beach. The biggest of these animals are differentiated from their siblings be the absence of a hard shell.

Their name originates from a thick skin, which covers their backs. And when it’s time to spawn, these animals only interact with other species or they just roam alone.

Like other turtles they also lay their eggs on the sand and when the babies hatch, they went to the sea by themselves. These turtles would go deep to collect jellyfish and eat them as they can withstand cold temperatures.

These turtles’ huge find can reach to three meters.

And seeing such animals is an incredible thing, as it demon the richness of our world. Humans should treat them with more respect, as we can see a big variety of sizes, kinds and forms.

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