Having human facial expression and sometimes even behavior made this adorable dog an internet star

It’s cool to see a dog posing and behaving like a human

Meet Murphy, a crazy dog, who is an internet sensation due to his amazing photos in human-like positions and facial expressions. The cutie enjoys to sit with a glass of alcohol and act like a human.

His owner always posts interesting photos of his daily life entertaining his followers on Instagram.

This wonder lives in Las Vegas, United States with his loving owner. Sometimes he acts like a human so much that people even forget that he is a dog.

In his photos, you can feel whether he is happy, sad, depressed or surprised. Murphy takes interesting poses, as if he is a real model.

The doggy has a great number of followers both on Instagram and Facebook. They express their admiration in the comments when they see a new picture of his daily life.

His owners are very proud of him, because he is an excellent pet for them. They are happy to have such a loving and caring family member who is everyone’s favourite both on social media and in real life.

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