An adorable friendship, which started when the dog tried to take a bite of the duck’s supper

A sweet friendship, which arose between a dog and a duck

Besides being man’s closest friends, dogs can demonstrate that they are everyone’s companions. There are a lot of stories about puppies and other animals.

When we consider, that we had seen everything connected to unusual animal friendship, another story appears and attracts everyone’s attention. Billy and Diamond’s unique friendship proved once again, that love and affection have no limits and that animals can get along amazingly well.

The competition between Billy and Diamond, who live with their owner has become a sweet friendship. The golden retriever began the whole story when he tried to eat the duck’s supper.

And the duck started to follow the dog, as he couldn’t tolerate what the dog was performing. Billy adores eating and every time he has a chance he eats the duck’s food. But now Billy and Diamond have become friends after forgetting about their arguments.


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