A very beautiful dog, who has a unique appearance resembling a mixture with another animal

A sweet puppy with extraordinarily long neck and legs

The dog has a long neck and legs and it gives him the appearance of a giraffe. It is difficult to believe, that this adorable young lady is real.

Every dog lover wants to have one in the house and the owner of this beautiful puppy is very lucky. Her sweet puppy resembles a mixture between a dog and a giraffe. You just have to look at his photos to understand what’s going on.

The sweet puppy’s appearance distinguishes from her other siblings because of her amazingly long neck and legs, which can also be considered as a differentiating trait.

It looks that finding a sweet dog needs looking higher. To sit or take a rest the dog must fold his long legs in many positions.

The dog’s owner wasn’t the only one, who adores the puppy’s appearance. Many Internet users also liked the dog and followed him on Instagram.

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