A sweet shelter puppy was fully prepared for the big day in his life

An adorable puppy finally found his permanent home and loving owners

Every dog dreams of spending their whole life in a loving home. And then the adorable puppy was dressed up in a tuxedo for the happy occasion, when the big day finally came.

The family had finishes all the needed paperwork for adoption, but all of a sudden they cancelled the adoption. And when the puppy named Vinnie understood that the adoption failed he was sad. And also the shelter staff were upset.

They captured the sad puppy and posted his photos and also his touching story. And there were many reactions. Many people were sympathetic, loving and supportive for the tiny puppy.

Many adoption applications were received. In order to comfort the puppy for leading long, healthy lives, the shelter workers needed to give the impression that they were in kind and caring hands.

Vinnie searched a lot before finally finding the perfect home. The shelter wrote on the Internet, that the puppy was adopted by a loving family. Many people became offended by the post, but there are still many sweet puppies in the shelter, who are seeking for their families.


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