A sweet dog helped his owner get out of stress and start a new life

A touching story of a man’s recovery with the help of his beloved pet

A man living in California works in an ambulance with his wife. One day they received a call and went to help. It turned out to be the man’s closest friend. The man immediately answered the call, but he couldn’t rescue his friend.

The man couldn’t accept the lose of his friend and considered himself responsible for it. And he went into a depression. And to help him recover, it was considered to get him a dog.

The guy and his wife went to different shelters, before finding a puppy in the parking lot. And when the puppy set his eyes on the man, he understood he had discovered a real friend. And from that day the puppy has played an important role in their life.

And one day the family considered to take their dog with them camping in the mountains. But the puppy ripped off the leash when the family arrived into the woods. The puppy was nowhere to be seen.

The man searched for his pet for 13 days, but it was unsuccessful. And after arriving home they called the charity that searched for list animals to ask for help. Someone reported seeing the puppy next to their house.

And only after 28 days the family was reunited with their dog. Now the dog is safe and sound. The man is really grateful to the stars for finding him his beloved pet.

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