A sweet and passionate dog, who works in the police

A puppy with a friendly personality, who easily makes friends

If we could go back in time and show our predecessors what we have done with the long standing relationship between people and dogs, they would have a lot of questions.

They would be happy, that we welcomed them into our lives and handled them as our family members.

They make the best friends for those who have problems due to their loyalty. And a German Shepherd turned to be one of such dogs. This sweet dog serves as an example.

The dog named Sulli is the most animated and sultry dog in all his police class. The dog was kept with a caretaker in Estonia before, where it lives. Karina taught the puppy all the necessary lessons.

The photos demonstrated, that this approach won’t be effective at all.

Sulli joined the lessons with his sibling, a separate puppy of a comparable breed. He is very fortunate as he easily makes friends.

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