A stray cat, who turned the family’s dog into her own pet

A caring dog, who adores having as many cat friends as possible 

Blink is a very friendly dog, who befriends with every cat she meets. Due to her light character and many cats, that her mother takes care of she became used to controlling them.

Blink just met a cat, who became a test for her. Almost a year ago a stray cat started to come to Blink’s family’s front door to feast on the free food the woman places for homeless animals.

And over time the stray kitty became more self confident and began exploring the woman’s property. The woman told, that the kitty had entered their property, passing the gate. When her husband went outside to take Blink out he didn’t notice the kitty, which alarmed her so much.

The woman and her husband understood, that the kitty required a place to live, so she was continually returning. It was clear, that Blink helped the kitty and made something adorable.

The woman told, that she considered to take the kitty to the vet, as she began living in her property and her dog turned out to be her pet. Blink is happy having as many friends as possible.

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