A rare fox species with a captivating appearance

The unique colouring of foxes with fluffier tails

Nature is the best artist and her ability to create such amazing colour mixtures never stops to amaze. And these adorable foxes are another live example of nature. Their unusual colour is caused by a unique disease, in which their usual red colouring mixes with black stripes to make a distinctive appearance.

Such foxes are called cross flies and melanism is their special characteristic. Their adorable colouring is a result of the release of melanin, which contains a black pigment.

These animals are very rare, although biologists estimate that such foxes numbered in the millions on the Continent of North America.

Unfortunately these animals are fewer because of the demand for their expensive fur. The only differences between usual foxes and cross flies is their colouring and a fluffier tail.

And recently a Canadian photographer named Samuel Saian managed to capture the unique pictures of these foxes. He was able to capture some images, although the fox ran away when their eyes met.

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