A motorcyclist dog, who owns a leather jacket, goggles and bandanna

A sweet traveler, who adores exploring new places with her owner

A man named Kim adopted a courageous and small dog named Liko two years ago. When Liko sees Kim’s automobile she jumps in and waits for a ride.

Now a couple of bikers travel together, making everyone they meet happy. And Liko also has a leather jacket, goggles and bandana like every other motorcyclist.

The owner told, that he had made a jacket for his puppy out of his own.

But soon she will be presented a leather jacket specially made for her. She often wears black and also has a dog backpack.

Kim wishes to take his beloved dog to Europe before going to explore as many natural wonders as he can. An adorable puppy traveled the whole England with her owner.

Kim told, that Liko is amazingly beautiful and loving dog and she always attracts a lot of attention. She has many fans. She has been popular in the area long ago. Liko has a lot of followers on the Internet, where her owner posts a lot of videos.

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