A caring dog has been waiting for the kittens to arrive to take care of them

A cat loving dog, who adores kittens and looks perfectly after them

A pregnant kitty was found by the volunteers and given to a family. She was two years old, sociable, confident and felt at ease.

She made friends with the neighbouring cats and dogs and especially with Konna, a dog who is a cat lover and enjoys looking after kittens. A striped kitty named Ficky went to Konna and started to lick her face. And after a few weeks Ficky gave birth to six adorable, healthy kittens.

She gave her kittens her full attention. And the cute dog named Konna heard the kittens exiting the waiting area. She was overjoyed when she understood new kittens were waiting for her.

Konna got her permanent home with Assa and from that moment she has been taking care of the additional animals they have adopted. The sweet dog has been waiting for the kittens to arrive from the moment he first heard about them.

Konna would do everything to be next to the kittens as she was so excited to be near them. She helps to raise them, adores them and learns how to develop social skills.

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