You can’t get enough of the cat’s dazzling appearance that captures everyone’s attention

What a stunning creature!

Bengal cats are extremely attractive creatures that strongly look like tigers. Even many people are confused when they meet them thinking that they are tigers, but in fact, they are so loving and affectionate and get along with people easily.

Thor is such an adorable Bengal cat, whose beauty has already collected 220.000 followers on social media. A large number of people are attracted by his wonderful look.

Just look at his stunning eyes! You can’t get enough of them and it’s not surprising because they are indescribably beautiful.

His pretty appearance makes everyone fall in love with him and no one remains indifferent about him.

Besides being attractive, this type is known for its smartness and loyalty. They are great companions and devoted to those they love the most.

Each day many users express their admiration in the comments and watch his fantastic photos with a great pleasure.

There’s no doubt that Thor is always in the centre of attention.

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