When the cat took a confident step, her life changed instantly and she built a secure future for her

What a swift and unexpected rescue!

When Anya’s lovely cat passed away, she was so heartbroken, so she decided to adopt another one who would fill his pet’s absence.

She began to search for a cat on Facebook and after a short time she came across Mina, a sweet and friendly cat.

The staff had discovered the catty just at the shelter, where the poor animal was feeling safe and warm. She had come there by herself in order to protect her and her future babies from cold and danger. She was pregnant and needed much care and attention.

She had been taken to a vet before being brought to the shelter. When her photo was shared on social media, it captured Anya’s attention and she found a forever home quickly.

Anya and her husband were so happy to welcome the pet into their family, and it was obvious that the cat was happy too, because she behaved as if she had lived there for many years.

The cute animal adapted to her new environment and got used to live with her owners easily.

It’s so nice to see that one more stray animal was saved and got the life she deserves.

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