This woodchuck steals vegetables from a man’s garden and eats them while looking at the camera

The wonderful creature was quite peculiar and ended up winning Jeff’s heart.

Growing a vegetable garden can be hard because of unforeseeable weather as well as robbers.

Jeff Permar planted the seeds and took all the necessary provision to defend the grown vegetables. He’s no stranger to feral animals making an attempt to sneak into his lush garden but he hoped the metal hedge as well as scarecrow would frighten away most of them.

One day, he spotted that several tomato slices had vanished and made a decision to find the sinner. Jeff placed motion sensors in his garden and was astonished by what he detected. His phone alerted him to movement, and as soon as he opened it, he saw a woodchuck appear in front of the camera.

Not just any woodchuck but a cheeky one who robbed from Jeff’s garden at least three times a day. When a woodchuck robbed a tomato or carrot from the garden, he sat in front of the camera and watched how he devoured his prey.

He seemed to say: “I eat your garden. What are you going to do about it?’

Initially, Jeff was upset and told The Dodo, “Oh man, I can’t believe this is occurring!” He replaced his hedge with a taller one as well as put logs around the perimeter, thinking that this would keep the creatures away from entering. He soon discovered that his trials were in vain.

By the time the camera caught the woodchucks and other wildlife participating in the park, they were all caught and running away. In place of fighting a woodchuck, Jeff hugged his new companion and was actually waiting impatiently to meeting him on camera. The wonderful creature was quite peculiar and ended up winning Jeff’s heart.

“Wow, this guy is great. He can have whatever he wants,” said Jeff and made up his mind to call him Chunk.

Nevertheless, Chunk didn’t surprise Jeff. Looking through a recent traffic notification on his phone, Jeff was astonished to see Chunk as well as other woodchucks eating in front of the camera. Seemingly, they were seen kissing, cuddling and arguing, so they must be a couple.

Thanks to the garden and Jeff’s kindness, the couple retired under his cabin with full bellies for the winter. He is hopeful that they will come back in the spring but is going to build divided wildlife garden.

Check out the shameless woodchucks in the clip below and remember to share! Follow Chunk on Instagram and watch plenty of clips of him eating and drinking that are just as adorable when he does.

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