This duo attracts everyone around them with their loyal friendship that seems a bit strange

The cutest friendship ever!

Meet Lulu, a rescued puppy, who was found by a kind man in 2010. The man couldn’t take care about him for some reasons, so he handed the baby to his friend, who agreed to keep Lulu as a pet with happiness. Since then the puppy enjoys his life with his loving owner and his little sibling.

Although Lulu had to pass through many difficulties because of several health problems, he managed to recover fully and grew up as a strong and healthy dog. Since the first day of his arrival, Lulu befriended with the family’s another pet Malu. The cute turtle became his inseparable part and now they have a strong and loyal friendship.

They never leave each other’s side and feel safe and comfortable together. Everyone around them is attracted by their relationship. Although these two look different, they are strongly connected and understand each other well.

When Malu disappears, the owners send Lulu to find his friend. After a short time they return together. That’s really amazing!

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