The volunteer woman, who eagerly adopted a dog, that no one wanted to take

The woman became a perfect match for the shelter dog

A sweet dog named Lia lived in the shelter for almost a year.During the year many of her friends had been adopted, but for unknown reasons she was unlucky.

She was not only smart, sociable, healthy, but also well behaved and the staff of the shelter were perplexed as to why no one ever requested to adopt her.

And a volunteer lady often brought food or contributions to the shelter, walked the dogs and also liked Lia, whose owners brought her to the shelter when they were moving.

A regular even occurred in the shelter, where potential owners have the chance to see the dogs.Many people were amazed by Lia’s sweet behaviour, yet many were unwilling to adopt her.

And the same volunteer lady was worried for Lia and throughout the time spent in the shelter she became linked to her.Then she considered to adopt Lia, as she thought there won’t be another more perfect owner.

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