The smart dog spotted something strange in the bushes and made his owner find out what it was

What a touching rescue by a brave dog!

We know that dogs are humans’ loyal friends and in many cases they become saviours for them. There are many stories about dogs’ heroic actions and the number continues to increase.

Our today’s hero proves this once more.


Once, when Terry Walsh was walking with his lovely dog, he spotted that the animal’s behaviour suddenly changed and he started to move anxiously. The doggy rushed towards the bushes and the man immediately followed him when he heard a strange noise.

They found out a newborn baby in the bushes all alone and defenceless. At first the owner thought that the child was asleep, but when the dog approached him, he started to cry loudly. The man immediately called the police. The staff arrived at once and took the baby to a nearby hospital. Fortunately, everything was ok with the child’s health.

The brave dog saved the baby’s life due to his intelligence. Although the police hasn’t found his mother, yet, they are sure everything will be discovered very soon.

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