The reaction of a woman meeting her beloved pet, who was thought to be lost, is truly touching

What an unexpected call!

When Maddie McWilliam lost her lovely pet Fiji, she passed through many difficulties. The poor woman searched for her dog everywhere, but useless. Fiji disappeared and no one saw him nearby.

Although the dog wasn’t found, the owner never lost her hope of meeting him again. Her relatives and friends joined her and did their best to find the cutie, but they couldn’t.
The chance of his return was becoming lower day by day, even though the woman accepted the fact that her pet would probably never come back, she continued to look for him everywhere.

But four days later, a stranger called the owner and informed her that Fiji had been noticed. No one can describe the feelings and emotions the woman had at that time.

When she met her beloved pet again, she showed an exciting reaction which made everyone around them cry. She couldn’t contain her excitement. It’s so cute!

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