The pit bull who was attacked by other dogs and was exposed to human cruelty, has learnt how to have an enjoyable life

Kindness made the dog forget his past! 

Logan is a tormented but very brave dog, who spent 10 terrible years helpless and defenseless due to human cruelty.

The poor animal had to fight with other dogs in order to stay alive. But when he became useless, he was just thrown away on the street and began to wander searching for food and support.

Fortunately, he didn’t stay there so long, because some kind people handed him to a shelter, where he passed through some medical examination and was cured.

Although the dog had many health problems, the staff managed to treat him and after some time, he became completely healthy and strong.

Despite passing through many difficulties in the past, Logan remained very loyal and friendly. He enjoys to make new companions with others.

He befriended with Leah, a three years old cute dog, who was also rescued and taken to the shelter

Logan is very caring towards other shelter animals and treats them as his own babies.

Because Logan and Leah are close friends, the shelter is searching for a family, who will agree to adopt them together.

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