The man had no intention of getting a cat until he met an adorable kitten that caught his attention

That’s true love!

Once a litter of kittens were brought to a shelter with several health problems. The condition of one of the kittens was worse, so he needed more care and attention.

The staff called him Lexi. After some time the kitten’s condition became better. All the workers were attracted by him, because he brought joy and happiness to them.

Although the catty befriended with everyone at the shelter, Tony, one of the volunteers, was more than just a friend for him. Tony has devoted his life to the protection of stray animals and has volunteered the shelter for 30 years.

During his practice, he has dealt with different cats, but he never wanted to adopt any pet, but Lexi attracted his heart at once and made the man fall in love with him.

It was love at first sight and Tony decided to adopt the kitten and took him home.

Lexi got what he dreamed of and became the happiest in the world. Tony made his life better and gave him much love and care.

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