The inseparable puppies wanted to be adopted together

A strong bond between two shelter puppies, who couldn’t live apart

Two pit bull puppies named Meryl and Tako met one another in a shelter. Their owners were with them there. The puppies became inseparable from their first meeting.

They weren’t able to be far away from one another for even a few minutes without complaining and weeping. So they live together and always snooze within the shelter.

Recently a man came to the shelter. He wanted a sweet friend and after meeting Meryl he just fell in love with her. All the paperwork was successfully over, so he was ready to greet her.

When they went out of their cage Tako and Meryl both began to whimper. They looked at one another with a pain in their eyes. Meryl stood still.

When the man saw their strong friendship, he considered to take both of them. Now Tako and Meryl live in the same house and carry on their friendship.

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