The fat puppy has transformed into a beautiful dog after a strict diet and regular exercise

What a great transformation!

Meet Copper, a very pretty King Charles spaniel, who was very fat when he was a puppy. The cutie lives with his owner in Coventry.

He weighed 16.9kg, which is abnormal for this breed. He reached to this number for his irregular diet, especially for eating a lot of sweets.

Copper knew how to attract his owner’s heart, while she was having a meal. He was looking at her with sad eyes and who could reject?

The woman gave him whatever he wanted and it caused him to gain much weight.

After taking him to a specialist, a strong diet and regular exercise were prescribed, which quickly made an impact on the fat puppy. After some time, the result was already noticeable.

The owner stopped giving him sweets and regularly took him for walks and only gave him diet food. The beautiful dog lost a lot of weight and became 11.9 kg. It’s really fantastic!

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