Sweet newborn kittens, who considered the family dog as their mother

A dog, who was eager to take the litter of kittens and be their mother

A shelter in San Francisco got a request for assistance for a litter of two week old kittens nearly two weeks ago.After some time they came to the sanctuary.Most of the rescue organisations were full and such small kittens needed more attention.

One of the volunteers and her sisters took them, so they could get treatment all day long in a cozy home.They were a little dirty, but healthy.The four cat brothers quickly ate the bottle of kitten chow.

Before going to sleep they cleaned themselves.

The sweet Husky living there was eager to assist them.The dog always wants to see the litter it’s family brought home.

When the kittens saw the dog, they immediately considered herself as their mother and went to her.And the boldest of all named Jetta liked her dog mother and jumped on top of her.

He became linked to the dog as a newborn duckling and followed her everywhere.Just look at how sweet the dog is playing with her new babies!

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