Seeing that the relation between these two adorable dogs was strong, the staff organized their wedding

Such a fantastic wedding!

Meet Walnut and San Antonio, two cute dogs, who were taken to the shelter by their previous owners. There they met each other and became best friends. Because they both had to pass through several medical procedures, they were connected to each other more strongly and managed to overcome all the difficulties together.

Seeing that their relationship was really strong, the staff of the shelter decided to marry them and organised a fantastic wedding.

There was a little cake, a red carpet, soap bubbles and amusing music. All the volunteers and workers were collected to celebrate the occasion.
Everyone was happy and the dogs were satisfied, because they were in the centre of attention and got what they wanted.

The staff has put them together for adoption. They are sure that the future owners will understand that this duo can’t live separately and they will adopt them together.

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