Rescuers had to work in a violent storm to save small kittens

The kittens were lucky to have been heard being stuck in a storm channel 

A policeman’s work is protecting everyone, both people and animals.When animals are stuck in strange places and need assistance from people, officials are there to help.

And in this case police spent hours saving caught animals from a storm channel.A local worker called the State Police for assistance when he heard kittens sounds in a storm channel.

A place was near the police central command base camp when official Cole came.The officer is seen going into the tempest channel on camera in order to rescue the kittens.

The policeman told, that it was a hard rescue, as it lasted two hours to complete as they worked in a violent storm.But he was successful and was able to free the babies.

The employee, who at first heard the kittens’ sounds told, that she assisted the officials during the rescue.She also told, that three kittens were saved from the channel.After the rescue the sweet kittens were taken to a safe place.

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