Once the catty surprised her little owner by breaking into the school and scaring all the students

What a stubborn animal!

Meet Lucy, a loyal cat, who joined Anita’s family two years ago. The cutie befriended with all the members, but the family’s son and daughter are more than just a friend for her. They are closely connected to each other and do everything together.

Lucy follows her little owners everywhere they go. Even she doesn’t leave them alone at school. It seems she wants to protect them from everything and everyone, so she stays next to them all day.

One day the brave catty entered the school scaring all the students. Anita was surprised by her pet’s behaviour. She never expected that the catty would do such a bold action. The confused girl apologised to her teacher for Lucy’s step.

The cat looked proudly at the girl’s face, as if she had done something heroic. She did not repent for his action, so something like this may happen again.

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