“It’s impossible to not fall in love”. Look at Celentano’s wife, she was perfect in youth

If you prefer real love stories which similar to the movie scene, just have a sit and read this post.

We are going to show you an incredible couple’s photos.

Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori now prefers private and quite life. But they are still in trend, cause they look like so perfect and their eyes shine bright and full of love yo each other.

When Adriano first meets her love of life-Claudia, she was only 19. But her amazing shapes, face and forms had stolen his heart forever.

Close friends always say that Celentano always admired with her lover.

They had 3 children and still look like an teenagers with their true and real love. Though Celentano is 85 and Mori will turn 79 this year.

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