«Both funny and sad»: An adorable cat with black fur markings around his eyes giving him a unique look

A popular cat, that was invited to many shows

This is an adorable cat named Browie, who became popular for having amusing eyebrows.Black fur markings around his eyes make him look as if his eyebrows are raised.He lives with his owner named Amelia.

Browie was a homeless one before being take. by Amelia.She tried to feed him with her other neighbours, when she saw him roaming the area, but he denied.

He also didn’t like meeting other homeless kittens. Amelia considered to take the car inside.She took him to the vet for an examination.

Amelia told on Browie’s website, that their first visit to the vet was successful and everything was okay.Even before being popular Browie was still an unusual cat.

He adores hiding atop the refrigerator, eating tomatoes and following you around the house.And after being popular on the Internet more and more shows started to invite him to their programs.

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