An unusually confident cat with crossed eyes

A sweet cat, who surprises his owners everyday with his amusing deeds

A breeder named Maria Howard’s cat Marie gave birth to seven kittens and the girl was extremely excited. And when the babies first opened their eyes the mother saw, that all of them had squinted eyes, it’s a condition when their pupils are turned towards the nose.

“All the other kittens’ eyes had recovered by the fourth week, only Fluff’s eyes hadn’t until the sixth or seventh week.” told Maria.

Although having the flaw, which is going to be with Fluff all his life, he always feels joyful and energetic. Although Fluff moved a little slower while playing, than the other kittens, but he wasn’t sad about this.

“He also showed unusual confidence for a cat with crossed eyes.” told Maria. And when Maria shared his photos on the Internet many people were admired by his unique appearance.

The unusual cat was the first, who settled in among siblings and sisters and it now surprises its owners every day with a happy disposition and humorous deeds.

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