An adorable friendship between two different animal species

Sweet monkey, who takes care of a parrot, who became his friend

A cute monkey named Ebby tried to comfort the small parrot when it came to the “cat house”.

The parrot was taken to the shelter with the monkey called Ebby considered to look after it. You can watch such a sweet deed by other animals. Monkeys are fed by these insects.

The monkey is very sociable and has a kind heart. The monkey helped the parrot, who asked for help. Ebby did all the possible things for the parrot.

The monkey also fed the parrot. And he was allowed to play with parrot’s beak. The monkey cuddled and stroked the bird. The monkey never went away from the parrot while it was eating.

The monkey helps the father feed the parrot. The video became popular on the Internet because of an adorable friendship between two different animal species. Isn’t it cute?

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