Although the crazy cat plays many tricks on his canine friend, they are actually very devoted to each other

It’s really nice to have such a crazy friend!

Meet Milly, a funny cat, who was saved from the street when he was discovered in the yard of Elie’s house. His life changed at once and he became a loving and devoted pet.

Milly loves to be in the centre of attention and demands a lot of love and care from his owner. The catty was the family’s only pet and everyone was concentrated on him, but one day Bony came into his life and changed everything.

Bony is a cute dog, who was saved by Elie, too. The friendly canine adapted to his new environment at once and made a loyal companion with Milly.

After the dog’s arrival, the catty started to demand much more attention from his human and gets angry when she pays attention to Bony.

Despite this, they enjoy to spend much time together. The crazy catty loves to play tricks on his friend, which, surprisingly, entertains the dog. For example, he enjoys to close the dog in a box. It never makes Bony angry, because he doesn’t understand what’s wrong.

These cuties adore to pet and cuddle each other and their friendship becomes stronger and stronger day by day.

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