After finding a cute dog, the woman had to make a hard decision. So exciting!  

What a heartbreaking decision!  

It was an unforgettable day for Maddy Kimberley, who was having a rest at her rental home in Crete, when a cute dog appeared and immediately captured the woman’s attention.

At first she wanted to approach the animal, but then changed her mind and let the dog do the first step by himself. It took place very fast and the friendly dog approached her to ask for cuddles.

It’s obvious that he was stray, because his condition wasn’t so good and he needed someone, who would take care of him.

The woman shared the story on her Instagram account, writing that it’s love at first sight and the poor animal felt calm and safe next to her.

Luckily, there was a vet clinic in the district, and the woman hurried to take him there for checkup. After examining him, the vet offered her to take the dog home and look after him.

It was impossible, because Maddy had to return to England and taking the cutie with her would cause many problems.

She had to leave the doggy at the vet. It’s very stressful for her and she never forgot her beloved friend.

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