A woman was overjoyed for the kittens, as they brought joy to her life

A kind woman took the pregnant cat and started to live with her

One day the cat came to the woman’s porch, who invited her to live with her. The woman named Serena welcomed her and gave the kitten a comfortable home.

She didn’t want to adopt any animals, but after meeting the cat her opinion changed. She ate all the food given to her.

And the woman took the cat to the vet the next day for an examination. She was absolutely healthy and was able to have five kittens.

The mother adored spending time with her new family member before her kittens were born. One day a woman woke up from an odd noise.

When she went to see what happened she was amazed to discover a mound of small, lovely kittens with their mother.

And now the woman is absolutely happy, as the kittens brought happiness and joy to her life.

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