A very young volunteer, who cells his pictures to raise money for the animals

The demonstration, that a kind deed, that will change the world 

A little boy named Andrey considered to start working at a dog rescue. 46 pounds of porridge is needed to feed all the animals in the rescue.

How could such a small volunteer assist? The little boy is a good painter and can sell his works to collect money for toys or a new phone for him. But instead he takes food and medications for animals to the rescue.

He just tried everything to assist them. The boy’s mother helped him and they considered the «Dog’s brush» project. Andrey paints unique pet pictures through owner’s descriptions and the pet’s image.

Unexpectedly many orders started to come. Now the boy has so many orders, that the new ones aren’t immediately accepted.

With such a kind idea the boy was able to collect a lot of resources. This is another proof, that with a strong desire and efforts everyone can change the world.

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