A very good hearted horse, who rescued the small foal from a different herd

A courageous act of a horse, who put his life in danger 

This is a horse named Bilek, who has demonstrated the courage and strength, that some creatures have. Bilek and his herd were still pasturing near the river’s banks when they saw a different herd on the opposite bank. And also two small foals were with them.

Bilek and his family became very curious by the other horses. Bilek and a few other horses were passing the river to meet the other horses, when they saw a small foal was shoved into the water by the river’s surge.

She was drowning.

Bilek tried to take the foal without success, swimming close to her. The river began to take the foal downstream. But Bilek didn’t plan to give up. He went away from the others and followed her in the water.

And finally he could catch the foal from behind. He hugged her and took her back on the beach. And the foal immediately went to her mother after feeling overjoyed to be back on the riverside.

Bilek again went to his herd. He met a different herd and the two horses greeted one another with respect.

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