A touching story, which proves that real friendship can’t be bought

An elderly dog couldn’t believe his fate after being adopted 

This story demonstrates, that true friendship really exists. Lina took a dog from the shelter. She asked her five year old daughter about her choice. The little girl replied, that the dog’s appearance doesn’t matter for her.

And also she asked her wish to adopt a dog, that had spent the most time at the shelter. The mother was moved by her daughter’s sweet advice.

She agreed with her daughter, as she knew smaller animals had more chance to be adopted than elderly animals.

The family took a dog with them, that had spent three years at the shelter.

Lina told, that the elderly dog couldn’t believe, that he would find owners at that time. And after being taken to the house the dog kept expressing his gratitude for his new owners.

The dog is very affectionate and sweet, and adores cuddling with his adopters. And due to his new owners’ love and attention the dog has become a sweet and dedicated friend.

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